About Us

Dr. Eric Stirling, President & Founder

Dr. Stirling is an Emergency Department Physician and Internist and former owner operator of Alaska’s largest air and ground emergency and medical transportation company. As a former ambulance company owner himself, Dr. Stirling possesses a unique insight into the needs of today’s ambulance companies both large and small.

250 Cushman Street, Suite 4J
Fairbanks, AK 99701

Mr. Stace C. Bondar, RHU, Chief Operating Officer & Founder

Mr. Bondar is a Registered Health Underwriter that specializes in the development of privately owned insurance companies which provide insurance and reinsurance services to a wide variety of commercial industries, municipalities, Taft Hartleys, Single and Multiple Parent Captives. Stace brings a wealth of knowledge in the area of insurers, third party administrators and medical preferred provider networks.

P.O. Box 294
Glyndon, MD 21071-0294

Mr. Scott MacEwen, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. MacEwen is the former President and COO of Kanawha Healthcare Solutions which eventually went public as KMG Inc. Scott is currently also President of Analytical Health Solutions, LLC. As such, Scott is actively involved in developing national good health and cost containment programs and networks. Scott has been intimately involved with the technical development of the re-pricing operations and network administrative services.

P.O. Box 77074
Charlotte, NC 28271