Air and Ground Ambulance Providers

Lifetrans LLC invites you to join the Lifetrans Preferred Provider Organization.

Features and Benefits

  • Broad Payer Contracting
    Lifetrans PPO means that now payers can contract with your organization from around the country through a single network administration service. You benefit from knowing that no matter who the payer is, you will be paid fairly.
  • Favorable Reimbursement Rates
    Lifetrans provides you, the ambulance company owner, with a comprehensive reimbursement schedule for every type of transportation. You benefit from consistent reimbursements for all of your transports.
  • Fast Turn Around Time of Claims Reimbursements
    Lifetrans provides both the providers and payers with a fast and efficient claims re-pricing mechanism. You benefit from fast turnaround of the correct reimbursement amount the first time.

Become a Lifetrans PPO Provider Today

Our profit sharing commitment is unique in the industry and properly aligns the incentives of the providers, plan sponsors, insurers, networks, and administrators.

Just download, complete, and return the Lifetrans Non Disclosure Agreement and we’ll send you a complete Lifetrans Provider Agreement.

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To submit an executed Lifetrans PPO Provider Agreement, just use the form below to submit your signed and scanned document. We will get right back to you with confirmation of receipt and further news and instructions.

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